Portland, Maine passes referendum banning facial surveillance – .

Portland, Maine passes referendum banning facial surveillance – TechCrunch

As we are currently going through all of the national and local votes from last night's election, here is a small but important win for privacy advocates from Portland, Maine . According to the Bangor Daily News, the city has passed "Referendum Question B" to curb government and police use of facial recognition technology.

According to the initiative:

A law banning face monitoring by officials in Portland prohibits the City of Portland and its departments and officials from using or authorizing the use of face monitoring software for any group or member of the public, and allows members of the public to sue if face monitoring data is illegally collected and / or used .

It is one of four progressive actions that took place in the city last night. Other successful measures include a minimum wage of $ 15 / hour and a cap on rent increases. It also joins other recent local ordinances. Other cities that have passed similar laws include San Francisco, Boston, and the other Portland, which offered a fairly sweeping ban back in September.

Meanwhile, face recognition with facial recognition was conducted in Washington, DC earlier this week. The person was reportedly identified from a picture found on Twitter.