Portland Path Blazers shut facility after three constructive COVID-19 checks

Portland Trail Blazers close facility after 3 positive COVID-19 tests

The Portland Trail Blazers closed their deep cleansing facility after taking three positive COVID-19 tests within four days.

Sunday should be the first full day of training camp for the blazers. Together with all the other NBA teams, they had players again last week for individual workouts at their facility.

The team didn't say whether the positive tests were for players, employees, or a combination of both. Portland is slated to open its preseason table at home against Sacramento on Friday, a game that is set to air nationally on ESPN for the time being.

Neil Olshey, president of Blazer, said in a statement distributed by the team that the decision to close the facility was "made out of caution". The team also completed contact tracing, Olshey said.

The blazers didn't say how long their facility would be closed. There was no immediate announcement about the team's training schedule on Monday or whether there had been any talks about postponing or canceling the Friday opener in the preseason.

"It's something to deal with," said Andre Iguodala, vice president of the Miami Heat Guard and the National Basketball Players Association, on Sunday when he was briefed on the blazer's situation – the first facility closure in the league since the team meetings started last week. "Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst and see what happens from there. & # 39; & # 39;

The league told its teams on Saturday that clubs that found they were not complying with league rules designed to minimize the spread of the coronavirus this season would face significant penalties such as losing games or draft picks.

NBA teams began coronavirus tests around November 24 to prepare for camp, and the league said 48 players – nearly 9% of all tested – were positive for COVID-19 in the first week of that program.