President Barack Obama Discusses His Newest E book ‘A Promised Land’ With Oprah Winfrey

Barack Obama Oprah Winfrey

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(Image: Apple TV +)

Former President Barack Obama has a lot more to say, and soon he will open up even more when speaking to television titan Oprah Winfrey.

Obama will appear on a new episode of The Oprah Conversation with Winfrey as her latest guest Apple TV + press release. The show will premiere worldwide on Apple TV + on Tuesday, November 17 at 9 a.m. ET / 6 a.m. PT. The episode is free to watch until Tuesday December 1st.

The episode will be available on the same day as Obama's latest book. A promised land Winfrey and Obama will share the transformative years leading up to his presidency as historians and reflect on his time in the Oval Office.

"It was worth the wait for this book," said Winfrey in a written statement. “Anyone who reads it will be on this journey, from the grueling and monotonous frenzy of the campaign to the Oval Office and the Cabinet Room and the Situation Room and sometimes even the bedroom. This book has both the intimacy and grandeur reflected in these memoirs, and I was so excited to speak to him about it. "

In his final volume, Obama talks about the racist rhetoric and undertone used by Republicans and President Donald Trump that ignited the country. “It was as if my presence in the White House had triggered a deep-seated panic, a feeling that the natural order had been disrupted. This is exactly what Donald Trump understood when he started making claims that I was not born in the United States and that I was an illegitimate president. For millions of Americans who were terrified by a black man in the White House, he promised an elixir for their racial anxiety. "

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