Rappi presents a brand new wager to assist firms use Digital Advertising

Rappi presents a new bet to help companies use Digital Marketing

Through Brands by Rappi, brands will be able to get closer to their consumers.

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15, 2020

2 min read

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  • The Brands by Rappi platform will be a platform 100% managed by the brands, with the support of Rappi.

Rappi presented the Brands by Rappi platform, a tool that integrates digital marketing, brand performance and insights with the aim of bringing companies closer to their consumers and helping them anticipate their needs.

With this new bet, Rappi seeks to continue positioning itself as an ally for brands seeking to boost their e-commerce sales. “

Rappi is always looking for innovative solutions to be the best ally of brands and businesses, and create the best experiences for users, making life easier with everything they need, through technology. That is why we created Brands By Rappi, a solution that seeks to bring consumers closer to brands, leveraging the Rappi ecosystem, its technological tools and its ability to activate in real time “, commented Alexander Sandoval, head of brands by Rappi.

The Brands by Rappi platform will be a platform 100% managed by the brands, with the support of Rappi, and it hopes to cover small, medium and large companies, to offer them growth opportunities in each of their categories.

Rappi made an official pre-launch of this new bet on November 16 where brands that join until December 31, will be able to triple the investment they make in advertising campaigns or ads for 3 months in 2021. “This is a sign of Rappi’s constant search to offer innovative solutions, hand in hand with technology, to brands with a unique value and opportunities that enhance their growth “, the company detailed.