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Here are the Reasons Not to Move to the Cloud

Data storage is a big concern for every business these days as no business can survive without effective use of data relevant to the business and industry. However, with the increase in the size of business the size of data also increases, and in such case, one has to find an option where the concerned data can be stored safely. For small size data, one can go for a dedicated system and keep another system ready for backup, for large-sized data the cloud can be suggested as the best option. However, for many users, it is a big question if the cloud is safe enough or not. The experts offer many reasons not to move to the cloud for different types of data which one must know before making a final decision about the same. 

What is a cloud?  

Cloud computing is a data storage option that is virtual. One can keep the data as per the package obtained from the concerned service provider. The buyer can go for different types of packages as per his choice and availability from the service provider which varies with the price and capacity of storage. One can go for private cloud, shared cloud, public cloud, or even hybrid cloud. 
Know the reasons not to move to the cloud:

Though many experts favor the cloud as a good option for data storage for those businesses which need to store large data, some experts do not favor it. Here are some reasons they think one must not move to the cloud. 

• Poor connectivity: When you move your data to the cloud you need to upload and download the data regularly. If you do not have a good connection with good and consistent speed, it may lead you to increased troubles as the majority of your time will go for these activities only. If it is a small business where there is no huge data to be used, the cloud is not considered a good option. 

• Higher cost: Cloud is an option where you have to pay a price for keeping data. In case you have small data that can be stored in some hard drives or systems or your server, you can go for the same and avoid cloud storage. Hence you can save a good amount on your regular cost for cloud storage. If you need to store a huge amount of data and cost is not a question you can go for it, else you must avoid the same.  

• The capacity of network:  The network capacity is a major factor that determines if you need to go for the cloud or not. When you have data where many users need to work, the cloud can be a good option. If the data is to be used by a few people you can go for other options such as FTT and WAN which can prove cost-effective and time-saving also. 

• Big applications: If you need to work on big applications such as CAD or Photoshop, Cloud is not for you. It takes a huge time for such apps to work on it and does not offer good results. 

• Data security: Though cloud service provider claims enhanced data safety, some experts do not agree. Hence it is another important factor for one who wants to go for the cloud.