Robert Saleh forgets he’s the Jets’ head coach after team’s first rookie minicamp practice

Robert Saleh forgets he's the Jets' head coach after team's first rookie minicamp practice

The Jets’ rookie mini camp started on Friday afternoon. While the team’s rookie draft picks and free agents are just getting used to the NFL, they’re not the only ones getting used to a new role.

Robert Saleh is in his freshman year as the NFL head coach. And to put it simply, the former 49ers defense coordinator still doesn’t always remember being the chief honcho.

Case and point: After training on Friday, Saleh told reporters that he had almost forgotten that it was his job to give the speech after training.

“The horn sounded so that the training was over,” explained Saleh. “I started to take my normal seat behind the group to listen to the head coach and I said, ‘Oh, shoot! That’s me!’ “”

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That’s pretty fun stuff from Saleh. It’s also understandable when you consider that Saleh has spent the past four seasons as a defensive coordinator and has been working as a defensive assistant since 2005.

Until Saleh is used to having a typical routine of practice, he can occasionally make mistakes. At the moment he’s caught up in a new routine that sets him apart as the head coach of the jets.

Soon, Saleh will not forget that at some point he will be the head coach. Jets fans can only be grateful that this weird, unimportant gaffe performed in the rookie minicamp and not in front of the entire team. Or worse, during an actual game.

There is still time for those two things, but after Friday it seems unlikely that this will happen again.