Seahawks star Jamal Adams revels in record-setting efficiency

Seahawks star Jamal Adams revels in record-setting performance

Seahawk's safety Jamal Adams said he knew he would break the NFL's record for most sacks with a defensive back.

Adams broke the 15-year record when the Seahawks (9-4) overtook his previous team, the Jets, at 40-3 on Sunday.

The Seattle star, who had 7.5 sacks for the week 14 competition, beat the eight sacks recorded in the 2005 season by Adrian Wilson, former Cardinals security officer. Adams fired Sam Darnold in the second quarter to bring his season to 8.5 sacks.

"It's a pretty cool feeling. When you focus on something because, I told myself, and I told everyone last year when I failed with 6.5 sacks that I was going to break the record, some people thought I was crazy, "Adams told reporters after the game.

"Some people believed in me but the only thing that mattered was that I believed in myself and knew I was going to break the record. Without my team-mates, the coaches, nothing would have been possible," he added.

"My thanks go to the man upstairs for having been through a lot of trafficking and injuries this year," Adams continued. "People talk negatively about me a lot, but in the end I have an excellent team … everyone just supports me.

"On my bad days they pick me up, vice versa, whatever the case. It's just one big family."

Adams left the Jets (0-13) in July for the Seahawks after a tumultuous time in New York.

"What a fantastic football player," said Seahawks coach Pete Carroll. "And he's not finished yet. He'll get a few more numbers before the season is over."

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson finished 21 of 27 for 206 yards with four touchdowns and one interception before checking out late in the third quarter.

Wilson recorded his 15th career game with more than four touchdowns, along with Peyton Manning for the second most popular game of its kind in a player's first nine seasons in the Super Bowl era. Only Hall of Famer Dan Marino has more with 16 per NFL Research.

The Seahawks star also has 36 touchdowns this season and breaks his own franchise record after a drop in performance.

"I'm not worried about the exam," said Wilson. "It's part of the job to be the best in the world. If you don't have the best day, people will say that that day you won't be the best in the world … If someone is a critic, I am it more than anything because I always want to be the best. "

Carroll said: "Russ is a great competitor; he is a world class competitor and he will bounce back so I'm not surprised. I'm glad he had a really great game today.

"We're really stepping into this fourth quarter thing here and now when we finish the season we want to play great football. He's got to do his part just like everyone else. So I'm really glad he could." to have such a day. "