Shaquille O’Neal will get despatched by two tables in ‘AEW Dynamite’ tag group match

Shaquille O'Neal gets sent through two tables in 'AEW Dynamite' tag team match

Shaquille O’Neal was a menacing force in the ring Wednesday night – until Cody Rhodes poked him through two outside tables and beat him cold.

O’Neal took time between NBA spots to wrestle on TNT’s “AEW Dynamite”. He, Rhodes, Jade Cargill and Red Velvet hosted a dazzling mixed tag team match to kick off the program.

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With the men and women taking turns as legal wrestlers in the ring, Shaq – who is no stranger to the square circle – bombed Rhodes at one point in the game, slapping previously disturbing wrestlers on the outside.

Shortly after the power bomb, Rhodes marked Velvet, which meant O’Neal had to leave for Cargill. Seconds later, Velvet was about to be pinned. Rhodes jumped in and interfered. While he was in the area, he decided to take on the 7-1 O’Neal. Both men soon landed hard on the tables.

This slam was so vicious that Jim Ross wrote his “Good God Almighty!”

Cargill pinned Velvet anyway and made Shaq a winner. But the win came at a cost when TNT’s cameras showed O’Neal flat on his back amid the ruins of the tables.

We suspect that will question him for Thursday’s NBA on TNT.