Sisters Now Judges In Their Dwelling State Of Alabama

Lloria James and Samantha Dunson

Two sisters made a great achievement together in their hometown of Montgomery, Alabama. Samantha Dunson, 42, and her sister Lloria James, 40, achieved a long-standing goal when they were elected judges for the city's judicial system.

The sisters, who always did everything together, had successful careers as attorneys after graduating from the University of Alabama. You were sworn in last month. Dunson says while originally considering other career paths like biology, the right felt like the way to go. "This is one of the few places where our trails have been different," Dunson told Montgomery Advertiser.

“I started to study biology. I should have gone to medical school, but I called our dad after my final year in physics and said I was going to change my major. "

James, who served as a district attorney, had reasons of his own for pursuing a right outside of her relationship with her sister. "When I was in sixth grade, Ellen Brooks [former Montgomery County attorney] came to talk about civics and I said that day I wanted to be a district attorney," James told the Montgomery Advertiser. "I didn't even know what a prosecutor was, but I knew I wanted to go to law school and become one."

For James, this is the second time she's behind the bench and the first time Dunson has worked in the health compliance field after a career. WSFA 12 reports that Judge Dunson will be the fourth judge in the court, replacing Virgil Ford. It was important for both sisters to use their services to make a positive contribution to the local members of their ward and to serve as role models for children as they pursue their own successful careers.

"I don't think many of our kids even know what to dream about because people like us don't spend enough time with them," James told the Associated Press. "It is our job as leaders in Montgomery to be in places where children, who may not be exposed to different careers or people, can get that notoriety."