Specialists warn about what number of minutes a day are sufficient to get depressed when shopping social networks

Experts warn about how many minutes a day are enough to get depressed when browsing social networks

Data has been released on a research that allows you to reflect on the amount of time you spend on social media.

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12, 2020

3 min read

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Excessive use of social networks is not good for your health. Young people who use these increasingly are more likely to develop depression in the next six months. A national survey was conducted by Brian Primack, who is the Dean of the College of Education and Health Professions and Professor of Public Health at the University of Arkansas. This study will be published in the Journal of Preventive Medicine in February 2021. .

Some data from the study may make users think about their time exposed to social networks and new technologies. "These can definitely be valuable, so I urge people to think about which ones are really useful and which ones leave them blank," Primack said.

Compared to participants who spent less than 120 minutes a day on social media, those who spent more than 300 minutes a day – roughly five hours – were 2.8 more likely to be within six months of around 2.8 higher.

This study is considered to be the first large national study to show an association between social network use and depression over time. “Most of the previous work in this area has been about the chicken and egg. We know from other large studies of depression and social media use that tend to go hand in hand, but it was difficult to determine which came first, ”Primack said.

During the research, the scientists analyzed how long more than 1,000 Americans, ages 18-30, used social media. Similarly, they used a series of questions to measure their level of depression and count the time respondents spent on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and Snapchat.

The results of this research are relevant as the WHO warns that depression is the number one cause of disability and that it means more accumulated years than any existing mental disorder.

According to the researchers, the study on depression could be very important in times of the Covid-19 pandemic, as many people use social networks for longer.

Given the above, the overuse of new technology can affect the development of social relationships, "even the achievement of personal and professional goals, or simply moments of valuable reflection," the researchers warn.