Stealth Inexperienced New Deal language being slipped into take-it-or-leave-it Home spending package deal

Stealth Green New Deal language being slipped into take-it-or-leave-it House spending package

From the “Sneaky Bastards” department and the American Energy Alliance.

AEA urges Senate and House leaders to reject the nonsense of the "Sense of Congress".

WASHINGTON DC (Dec. 14, 2020) – The American Energy Alliance (AEA), the country's leading consumer-friendly, tax-friendly, and free-market energy organization, sounded the alarm today when a Sense of Congress resolution was proposed for adoption. could cause major disruption to the American energy system.

AEA has received a page from a draft discussion dated December 13th at 5:28 pm, which apparently contains a provision from Green New Deal-like Energy Act HR 4447 that makes it a "sense of Congress" to require that 100% of electricity needs from "clean, renewable energy" originates or emission-free energy sources. Information about these terms, or how they are implemented, seems to be purposely vague.

The record of Congress in support of 100% renewable energy is an important political statement and should not be put on a massive spending bill without discussion or debate warns AEA. To make matters worse, this provision gives the energy minister a blank check approval from Congress for the introduction of 100% renewable energies.

Thomas Pyle, President of the American Energy Alliance, made the following statement:

“While most Americans are eagerly looking for news about getting a COVID-19 vaccine or balancing their spending and schedules this holiday season, some unnamed congressmen are trying at the last minute to get bad energy policies into a situation. It-or-leave expense account before checking out for the year. It's shameful and should be rejected outright.

"Members of the House and Senate are negotiating behind closed doors to turn a stealth green New Deal provision into a massive year-end bill to fund the entire federal government. Language exposed in a “draft discussion” would give the energy minister the power to effectively transform the energy ministry into the ministry for climate change.

A major change in policy and a resulting disruption of the American energy system should never occur as a result of a backroom deal to secure an old piece of legislation for an outgoing chairman. It should be completely transparent, controversial, and subject to change. No wonder Americans are losing confidence in their government institutions. "

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December 14, 2020 in Green New Deal, Politics.