Stephen Curry’s 41 points put Golden State Warriors back in win column

Stephen Curry's 41 points put Golden State Warriors back in win column

SAN FRANCISCO – Golden State Warriors Star Guard Stephen Curry has won two MVPs and three NBA championships, but those who have watched him closely for years believe that in a year when his team is struggling, he will continue to do the plays the best basketball of his life Hold on to a play-in court at the Western Conference.

The most recent example came in Tuesday night’s 122:121 win over the Milwaukee Bucks, in which Curry lost 41 points and carried his struggling team – losers of seven of the last eight – across the line.

“I thought it was just phenomenal,” said Warriors coach Steve Kerr. “I mean, Jrue Holiday is one of the best defenders in the league and I thought Jrue did a great job with Steph all night, just putting pressure on him with his strength and physicality. And Steph is still leaving out and turns 41. Pretty impressive game. Amazing. “

Curry shot 14:21 off the field, grabbed six rebounds, distributed four assists and played 38 minutes – in the fourth quarter at 8:09 a.m., a few minutes earlier than usual.

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“He plays with a lot of confidence,” said Kerr. “But it’s hard to say more than ever because he is always, since the day I was here I have never seen him play without confidence. I think the greatest thing for me to watch is that he just looks stronger, physically stronger than ever … I just think his body, his mind, everything is, it has really peaked this season.

“It just feels like his notoriety, his understanding of the defenses he sees combined with the physical strength that allows him to be marginalized tonight by a man like Jrue Holiday or Brook Lopez, its strength is really impressive. “

It was an assessment Curry agreed with.

“Absolutely,” said Curry. “I’m just trying to keep moving forward and find ways to get better. That’s the confidence and the mentality. And this has been a frustrating season overall, just with the inconsistencies and what is our record, but going through it all and…” accepting that challenge has frankly spawned a new love for the game. “

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Curry, who suffers from a painful tailbone injury, knows how much his presence means to the rest of the young group. He understands that he can set the tone that his teammates should follow. Tuesday’s performance is another reminder of how much the group will rally around Curry.

“I think we should all just stop and appreciate what he’s doing,” said Kent Bazemore, the warrior’s guardian. [After] I missed a lot of last season and came in with so many uncertainties: “Will he be himself?” All these questions around him, all this noise, but for him to tune in he still has enough confidence, it inspires and uplifts everyone. “

Whether the Warriors can build on that kind of performance remains to be seen given the disagreements they have grappled with all year but for a group that felt as dejected after four straight losses as they did during the entire season, the Victory – combined with the fact that Curry continues to dominate the games when he’s on the ground – gives the organization hope that they can finish the season on a higher level.

“Steph is Steph,” said Warriors rookie center James Wiseman. “I’m just looking at his focus and how he’s approaching the games. That makes him great, the focus and the leadership role. He goes out and gets buckets and has fun. Steph is definitely one of the best point guards in history. Just his focus and how intense he is and how he focuses on the game, it’s very inspiring to me and younger players. He’s just great. “