The Finest Mind-Coaching Wearables of 2020

The Best Brain-Training Wearables of 2020

Omnipemf, Braintap, Muse, and Sensate are leaders in focusing a troubled mind.

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20, 2020

2 min read

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Your brain is like every other muscle in your body; Just as you lift weights and train your body to make it stronger, your brain needs just as much attention as those biceps.

And as things stand today, we should spend even more time training our brains to be more focused, relaxed, and creative, to maintain our emotional control and strengthen our resilience to stress. Only then can we really thrive and become unstoppable in uncertain times.

How do you train your brain You can read and practice problems, of course, but there is a ton of new and exciting devices out there that can help you improve your workout and target specific areas of your brain that need it.

Check out the video above for my honest reviews of the four best wearables out there this year.

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