The NFL’s Washington Soccer Crew and FanDuel Announce $1 Million Contribution to United Negro School Fund

Washington Football Team

(Image: NFL)

The FanDuel Group and the Washington Football Team have announced that they will be making a joint donation $ 1 million to the United Negro College Fund (UNCF).

FanDuel Group and Washington Football Team recently entered into a partnership for mobile sports betting market access Virginia in January. This collaboration, the FanDuel / Washington Football Team Emergency Student Aid Fund, is designed to support students currently enrolled Virginia five historically black colleges and universities (HBCU).

The fund will provide relief grants to those students seeking emergency aid for technology, housing, food security, tuition, and other education-related expenses.

“HBCUs have produced some of the most successful and successful individuals in myriad professions which, along with many others in the DMV, has had an incredible impact on our organization. This important investment is an opportunity to further develop the talent of these great institutions and empower today’s scientists to achieve their goals and career goals, ”said Dan and Tanya Snyder, owners of the Washington Football Team, in a written statement.

“For decades, UNCF and the HBCUs they support have been driving the black socioeconomic uplift in unprecedented ways, and I am proud that our team and FanDuel can support them at an important time in history. Dr. Lomax and the Presidents of HBCU in Virginia are the kind of leaders we can all trust to perform excellently with the resources we have given them, ”added Jason Wright, president of the Washington Football Team.

The Emergency Student Aid Fund is expected to start supporting HBCU students in Virginia immediately. The aid will be paid out to students at your institution. Interested students who need emergency aid for technology, housing, food security, tuition fees and other education-related expenses can inquire at their school’s Financial Aid Office by early March.

“The United Negro College Fund is excited that FanDuel and the Washington Football Team are supporting Virginia HBCU students across the state. This investment cannot come at a more critical time as the students are faced with the harsh realities of one disrupted and disjointed academic year, “he told Dr. Michael Lomax, President and CEO of UNCF, the nation’s largest private provider of scholarships and other educational support to African American students.

“We will proudly work with all five HBCUs in Virginia, building on our existing institutional partnerships, and joining the mission of distributing this aid to students suffering from a variety of economic hardships, so they can stay on the path to graduation can. We are grateful to these organizations for this investment and will endeavor quickly to support the students. “