The way to Maintain Distant Employees Productive and Comfortable

How to Keep Remote Workers Productive and Happy

With the workforce farther away, employers are finding new ways to help their employees get better results outside of the office.

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18, 2020

4 min read

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If a company survived through 2020, it figured out how to work remotely. However, companies that view this as temporary rework will soon fall behind.

Not only is it likely that the effects of the pandemic will affect the way we do business over the long term, but remote working was a growing trend before the pandemic and is here now.

To be successful, companies not only need to be able to work remotely, but also to be more productive and efficient. You need to focus on ways to bring distant employees together while they are apart, and provide them with tools and information that will enable them to work collaboratively to achieve common goals.

The benefits of increased employee retention for remote workers are obvious. Research shows that it increases productivity, increases creativity, decreases sales, and decreases costs. It also enables recruitment from a wider talent pool as companies can attract talent beyond the confines of an office traffic.

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Establishing internal communication is the key to engaging remote workers

The key to engaging employees who are not in the same office together is creating a structure for internal communication that connects employees, keeps them updated, gives them the knowledge they need to do their jobs, and aligns it with the company's goals.

Modern intranet software can meet all of these requirements. The intranet provides a company-wide network for sharing files and information, as well as collaboration tools and other resources. Fortunately, the days when IT departments had to build these systems in-house are long gone. Companies like Simpplr now offer ready-made, ready-to-use intranet solutions that can be implemented quickly and do not require ongoing IT support.

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Tips to increase employee engagement with remote workers

Now that companies have made it possible to work in remote locations, they need to go beyond that to counter the effects of isolation. Three keys to engaging, connecting, and aligning remote workers with corporate goals are:

  • Set clear goals and expectations and make progress visible. Even when employees were in the office, there was no guarantee that they were actually on duty. Successful companies have goals that can be measured, and they share progress so everyone can see their individual contribution and impact on their team's goals. Understand how goals align with company values ​​and how each person and team is contributing to them. This helps identify and retain top performers.

  • Provide access to reliable information and knowledge. This should include searchable databases of frequently referenced information and operational checklists for common tasks in a format that is easy to update to keep it current. Younger generation workers who grew up in a digital world expect information to be user-friendly and immediate. However, every employee is more productive and has reliable and relevant information.

  • Create connection and a sense of community. Research shows that remote working increases productivity and that employees feel empowered when allowed to work in a way that works best for them. But it's critical to help them stay connected and align as a team. This works best when organizations provide a mix of internal communication options to meet a range of informational needs. This includes formal internal and external content that needs to be written, checked for compliance with consistent corporate news, and scheduled for distribution.

How a modern intranet can help optimize employee engagement

The modern intranet can help achieve all of the above goals by creating a hub that brings employees together. New intranet platforms offer employees the ability to find information, receive reliable and relevant news, and stay connected with their team. In short, it surrounds a team with the information and support they need to be successful.

Distributed labor is here to help overcome the pandemic. Employees continue to work from multiple locations, at home and on the go. And since they are actually more productive that way, forward-looking companies will succeed by providing a platform that helps their employees succeed from anywhere.

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