This couple has been married for 44 years and determined to undertake after an financial disaster

This couple has been married for 44 years and decided to undertake after an economic crisis

2, 2020

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What does entrepreneurship mean to you? In addition to technology, innovation and creativity, the image of a young person who has a long life ahead of them is sure to come to mind. However, the experience that life has is an important learning point to achieve great things, the same experience that is only gained one way: aging.

Believe it or not, more and more people over 50 are choosing to start a business. This group of people is called oldpreneurs.

According to an article published by Entrepreneurs News, a study by Age UK shows that more than 70 percent of businesses founded by people over 50 survive after the first five years. On the flip side, businesses started by young people only hold a percentage of 28 percent.

As you can see, the general image we have of entrepreneurship as successful young people with novel ideas largely limits the true meaning of entrepreneurship. In reality, there is no age limit to turning great ideas into profitable business models.

Piacere: origin and growth of the brand

Today we present the story of Renato González and Bertha Ramos, a couple who have been married for 44 years but who have also dedicated themselves to entrepreneurship for several years. Its story is defined by two key elements: hard work and resilience.

The story of Piacere begins five years ago. Bertha and Renato had to come up with an idea to survive after an economic crisis caused them to close their promotional products business. The search for this new direction led Renato to reconnect with his roots and save his mother's traditional recipes, better known as “La Nonna Rosa”.

Renato grew up in a family of Italian descent where he was taught a love and passion for food. "A tavola!" Nonna yelled to indicate to the family that it was time to sit down and enjoy their delicious dishes. Among these, the sauce that covered the classic Italian pasta stands out.

Recognizing the undisputed value of Nuna's recipes, the entrepreneurial couple decided to save their grandmother's culinary legacy and bring Piacere, a craft brand that blends traditional Italian flavors with the joy and passion of Mexico, to life.

They started making these artisan products and selling them to their friends and acquaintances. Gradually they knocked on many doors, their efforts paid off and they began to position their sauce on the market.

Piacere today

Today Salsa Piacere is a registered brand that offers exquisite tomato sauces based on an Italian recipe for Nonna with 100 percent high-quality Mexican ingredients. Among its products we can find delicious pomodoro sauces in various presentations, ideal for pasta, pizza and any other dish you can imagine.

The story of Bertha and Renato testifies to the hard work and the obstacles that people have to overcome in a country where they are considered "old" after the age of 50. A challenge that some of us are likely to face at some point in our lives.

What obstacles did Bertha and Renato have to face?

Among their funniest anecdotes, entrepreneurs recall an opportunity when they took a class with one of their key clients. In the process, they got to know the electronic invoicing system. However, when they had to prepare the invoices themselves, they found that it was actually much more difficult than what was presented to them.

However, difficulties with technology did not stop them because they always had the humility to say "I don't know" and a willingness to learn. In particular, they have had their children's support to help them manage the brand's networks and website, as well as the electronic invoicing system. To date, both of them know how to use it very well.

The new generations need to be aware of the experience and wisdom they can learn from older entrepreneurs. Only then can great teamwork be achieved, bridging the gap between youth and adults. Technological knowledge is important, but it's not everything in entrepreneurship.

"Do not forget to have a diverse team in order to use the experiences of older people and the new ideas and technological skills of young people," added Bertha.

Where do we find Piacere?

Salsa Piacere can be purchased directly from the website. In addition to a virtual shop, there you will find further information on the history of the family of Renato and Bertha.

This product is also already available in supermarkets such as the City Market and in specialized gourmet shops such as La Castellana and Ingredienta.

"Entrepreneur at heart, we have a dream, a goal and we risk it to come true, age doesn't matter."

Bertha advises young entrepreneurs to be strong in the face of adversity and obstacles that might get in their way.

"I recommend young entrepreneurs to be resilient, who have to get up from many 'no' on this path to say 'yes'. to generate. But the road is also full of adventure and it's worth it, ”he added.

"Entrepreneurs at heart, we have a dream, a goal and we risk it to come true. Age doesn't matter. We use past knowledge and experience and pave the way for working with other people so that they can give continuity to those dreams he concluded Renato.