This firm fines its staff for going to the toilet, considers them “lazy”

This company fines its employees for going to the bathroom, considers them "lazy"

The company gives around 60 Mexican pesos to workers who use the bathroom more than once a day.

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7, 2021

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To increase productivity, the Chinese company Anpu Electric Science and Technology made a controversial decision. The company fined 20 yuan (about $ 3 or 60 Mexican pesos) to employees who make more than one bathroom visit during their work day.

The company, based in Dongguan, Guangzhou Province, sanctioned seven workers in December. To avoid problems with the law, they deducted this amount from the bonuses, rather than from the employees' monthly salary. However, local authorities have not ignored the controversial measure, according to the South China Morning Post.

After investigating the facts, officials from the Dongguan City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau confirmed that the rule is illegal. They also asked Anpu Electric to correct the order and return the money to the punished employees.

The company argues that going to the toilet multiple times is against its internal rules. The rule only allows one bathroom visit per day and requires employees to record this with their boss.

An Anpu Electric manager said that the policy was implemented because some employees frequently smoked in the bathroom. He also claimed that they used the pretext to work and hang around less, Guangdong TV reported.

“We are unprotected. The fact is that the workers are lazy at work, ”said the manager. "Management has spoken to these employees many times, but has not yet achieved a positive result." He added that they chose to restrict employees instead of firing them because they had difficulty hiring employees.

Of course, the severe sanction caused scandals in the Asian country and divided public opinion. While many welcomed the measure, the majority sharply criticized it on social media.

“I sympathize with this company. You are forced to, ”wrote one user on the website. “Some employees use the bathroom for too long and use it often. No doubt this will affect the company's productivity. "

Critics of the controversial rule criticized the company for the exploitation of employees.

“To be efficient, a company must employ employee reward methods. But too much restriction and exploitation would result in workers being put under constant pressure and losing their energy and focus, ”wrote one internet user.

What time is it? The freedom to go to the bathroom has become a luxury, ”wrote one user on Weibo.

The South China Morning Post explains that Chinese employees (especially younger ones) often use bathroom visits as an excuse to smoke, talk on cell phones, or do something that distracts them from their work day. It could be said that this is happening "here and in China," but it is not customary or acceptable to punish it.