This Is How Energetic Intelligence Can Be Your Superpower

This Is How Energetic Intelligence Can Be Your Superpower

June 10, 2021 7 minutes to read

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For many years I lived in what I call the “autopilot” phase of my life without realizing that I could change my way of thinking and my way of life.

Then, like many people, I went through a series of events that forced me to seek answers. For me it was a panic attack that made me discover personal development.

I was addicted when my life started to change. I became a better person. My business started to grow. One of the major turning points was when my business went from $ 60,000 per month to $ 100,000 per month in about six weeks.

Instead of adding another strategy to my business, I let go of fear of what others would think of me. When you “worry what people think” you are usually concerned about one person or a group of people. For me it was another mentor that I admired. By fixating on whether he would like what I was doing, I was sabotaging myself.

The energy of fear kept me financially from reaching the next level. When this trapped energy was released, it was like launching a rocket. I’ve taken more action. I took advantage of more opportunities.

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“Energy influences trust”

These days I refuse to work on strategy with clients until they have spent six weeks optimizing their energies and becoming true to who they are at their core. The by-product of investing that time often translates into profits for customers without adding any tactic. Why? Because energy influences trust.

Emotional intelligence has rightly been a buzzword in recent years. It helps us become aware of our emotions so that we can display healthy behavior.

But energy affects our emotions.

So so.

When energy shifts, emotions change. When we feel different, we think differently. When we repeat a thought it becomes a belief, and when we believe something in order to identify with it, it becomes our identity for who we are.

You will know this if you’ve ever been in a room when someone else walks in and changes the energy. You didn’t even have to see the person because you immediately felt their energy field overlap with yours.

Many busy entrepreneurs are stuck in their own heads with little or no connection to the body, which is often manifested in calming behaviors such as alcohol consumption.

If we don’t have this connection, poor concentration, burnout, poor self-management, and a host of other complications hinder calm, confident, and authentic growth. We are low on energy, but we normalize and get used to it. Unhealthy habits and behaviors are becoming the standard.

“You are developing a superpower”

The key is to understand the flow of energy that is going on in the body, how to reset that energy, when to relax, and when to act. When you are aware of and have access to your optimal energy frequency, you are tapping into a superpower because energy is power.

Throughout the day, whether you are aware of it or not, there are energetic windows that open and close.

I live in Del Mar, California one block from the beach, and when I walk my dog ​​on the trails in the morning, I always see the surfers in the ocean. Imagine if a surfer was out there for four hours but never stood on the board when a wave came.

When people come to me with low energy it usually means that they are either being held back by an unconscious weight, that they have bad habits, or that they have otherwise lost their vitality. Something happened that threw them out of the way and they don’t know how to reset their nervous system.

By far the most powerful energy available to us is our sexual energy. Sexual transmutation is the channeling of our sexual energy for creativity and action. Think about it: this energy is used to create a baby. It’s so incredibly powerful and can be used to make dreams come true at a breakneck pace.

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Then there is meditation. For many, the practice is seen as a way to “calm down” during stress, but it is actually one of the most important ways to move energy. If we create a meditation discipline with longer periods of time and are consistent, we can take our natural energy standard and move it to many high levels. This is when you start to notice results because you can be more emotional about them. You are moving so quickly and consciously that this high energy is no longer influenced by the energy of fear.

For this reason, I rate my clients from 10 minutes of meditation in the first week to 60 minutes over a period of six weeks. It not only helps them feel calmer, but also helps them change their energetic system so that they can produce; Ultimately, people come to me to take action and improve themselves.

When I hear excuses like “I don’t have time” or “It doesn’t work for me”, I remind them that if they want to be efficient and not waste precious time, they must use that time to develop their energetic capacity. If you spend most of the day blurred, stressed, and unfocused, you are not an effective entrepreneur.

“The body stores energy from past events”

Meditation combined with energetic intelligence can also release trapped energies for healing. The body stores energy from past events and the “pop” is the release of it. We also need to be aware of the fact that our energies are shifting much more in the western world.

You could be energetically fine then watch a message or see a social media post that completely changes your energy. If you are unaware that this is happening or how to get back to your optimal levels, you could be stuck in the frequency of this shift for days, weeks, or months.

As soon as I help people find their optimal energy frequency, they can set this as a benchmark to return to. If we don’t know what it is, or if it has always been underestimated, there is plenty of room for growth.

During the course of your day, start to notice the small shifts in energy. Notice when you feel down and when you feel high, and consider what is causing these changes. If you can control your energetic intelligence, you will completely transform the way you run your business and live a full life.

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