Tips on how to Get Observed in a Noisy World

How to Get Noticed in a Noisy World

Be a splash of color in the green forest.

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31, 2020

5 min read

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When the news cycle sounds cacophonic, it can seem almost impossible to hear your voice above the noise. How are you ever going to get the attention of the frenzied public with quality information about your product, service, new book, business?

Even if you can't afford a large team of advertisers and publicists to help you, there is hope. Human nature itself is your secret weapon. Our ancestors developed the ability to distinguish between thousands, some say millions, of shades of green. Look at a forest and notice how many shadows you can see. Imagine one of them bearing fruit, maybe a bright red apple or a cluster of yellow bananas. Your eye will focus on the dissonant color. This is how our species managed to survive: to find what it needs in the middle of the green mass. People still need what you offer. You just have to get them to see it.

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The people who need to "eat" your message will be drawn in when it is a different color from the background noise. You need to change the "color" of your messages to get the attention of the people who need them. When the news cycle is negative, you need to become the bright spot to be noticed.

It's not easy to be green. Being green means doing textbook things, making sure you post something on social media every day, sending red press releases, and repeating the same message even if it doesn't get any results.

In order to “be the banana” you have to come up with something fresh, unique, different and extraordinary. Something that will grab the attention of your potential customers and give them what they crave: peace, nourishment, relief from the endless green.

Really consider going out on a branch. Here are some ideas:

  • Introduce a playful, socially distant competition where your customers can compete from home. "Submit your funniest pet video and we'll post it on our website." Maybe this has nothing to do with your business, but it's still a bright red apple.
  • Offer a smart sale that is linked to a social improvement, e.g. B. "Donate a packaged, new mask in our donation box for $ 5 off your next purchase."
  • Come up with a fun way to remind your customers that the message cloud has a silver lining, such as: B. set up a whiteboard and invite them to write a positive message on it – and monitor them for the inevitable stupid comment from a teen!
  • Organize a virtual “comedy night” for your customers and prospects and bring along a clean comic. Pick it up and place it with your logo on your website and / or on YouTube. Maybe you can do it. You get the right to talk about your company or your brand message.
  • Do you lead or at least get involved in a local action to help someone or another cause, such as B. finding a home for a family in need or helping animals that live in the park. Notify the media and enjoy the results.
  • Comment on an important, politically neutral challenge in your live or online community, such as homelessness or cyberbullying. Let people know and get people to join your cause.
  • Jump into the news by offering yourself to local journalists (or journalists in your niche if they are online) when a story comes out that touches your expertise. Literally call them up and throw them at your attitude.
  • Ask your clients and their friends to volunteer to help rebuild a burned house or provide 100 hot meals for families in need, or donate teddy bears to children who are in the local oncology unit.
  • Offer "Scholarships" to elementary school students who receive all A points and save X US dollars on one of your products. Promote the fact on your website, in your communications, and in the media.

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When the world is full of noise and chaos, the old adage "do good by doing good" has never been so true. Don't be afraid to proclaim your good deeds! As long as you involve a mix of customers, prospects, and employees and actively invite others to get involved, you show leadership and promote your business – online or physically.

You will finally transform into a voice, not an attention grabbing small business owner. Once you understand the long-term goodwill and the potential impact of such acts, your list of grateful customers will grow – and your competition will be green with envy.