Titans COVID-19 timeline: How the NFL’s first coronavirus outbreak reshuffled the schedule

Titans COVID-19 timeline: How the NFL's first coronavirus outbreak reshuffled the schedule

It took a few weeks, but by week 4, COVID-19 had started to have a strong impact on the 2020 NFL season.

Nor does it appear that the coronavirus is going anywhere after a titan eruption and a positive test from Cam Newton sparked a wave of daily news. One game of the 4th week and one game of the 5th week were postponed until later in the season due to positive tests. One week 4 game and one week 5 game have been postponed to later than the previously scheduled Sunday starts to allow for additional testing protocols. And the NFL continues to tweak its rules in new memos for added security.

This is a timeline of the new COVID-19 developments every day since the first positive Titans test.

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September 24th: Positive test of the first titans

Tennessee attorney Greg Mabin tested positive for COVID-19 on September 24. Titan's head coach Mike Vrabel said Mabin was immediately removed from the facility after the positive test result.

Mabin was accepted into the titans' training group on September 21st. During the pandemic, the NFL put in place additional protocols for player signing that Mabin should have passed.

September 26: Titan's Coach tests positive; Terrell on COVID-19 / reserve list

Tennessee coach Shane Bowen received a positive test result on Saturday before the Titans traveled to the Minnesota Vikings. The Titans have said they went through all the required contact tracing procedures in the league after Bowen tested positive.

Outside of Tennessee, the Atlanta Falcons placed rookie cornerback A.J. Terrell on COVID-19 / Reserve List. Terrell's contact tracing was not a cause for concern, so the Falcons and Bears played as planned in Week 3. No other Atlanta or Chicago players have been added to the COVID-19 / Reserve list since then.

September 27th: Titans play with the Vikings

With Bowen at home, Vrabel was the Titans' defensive player against Minnesota. As the week progresses, the Vikings will be scrutinized for the Tennessee game, but no Vikings have tested positive.

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September 28th: ​​Two positive Titans tests

The first message comes from positive tests with the Titans – one player and one person. Vrabel also confirmed this Monday that Bowen had tested positive, that the Titans had followed protocol, and that Bowen had not been to Minnesota.

September 29th: Eight more positive titans

Three other Titans players and five other employees received positive test results. This resulted in the cessation of all personal activities at the Tennessee facility and the temporary closure of the Minnesota facility. The NFL has not yet made any decisions regarding Tennessee's Week 4 game, which was slated to be a home game against the Steelers.

Three Titans players have been placed on the COVID-19 / Reserve list: DaQuan Jones, Beau Brinkley and Tommy Hudson.

September 30th: Another positive Titan

The Titans have put linebacker Kamalei Correa on the COVID list. Vrabel told the media that the Titans were preparing for the game as early as Monday. Vrabel told the media that players in need of treatment are allowed into the facility in masks, and he said that some of the players who tested positive had flu-like symptoms.

In Minnesota, players were allowed to return to the facility with elevated health protocols.

October 1: NFL postpones Titans-Steelers

The NFL announced that the Titans vs. Steelers to postpone "to ensure the health and safety of players, coaches and matchday staff". Titan's cornerback Kristian Fulton has been added to the COVID list.

Additionally, the NFL released an elevated protocol memo for teams exposed to the coronavirus that included two daily tests for all members of such a team.

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October 2: NFL reschedules Titans-Steelers

Two more titans, including recipient Adam Humphries, have been added to the COVID list. The NFL also announced how it would reschedule their schedules to accommodate the Titans-Steelers postponement: the teams would play week 7, with the Steelers and Ravens postponing their game to week 8 in week 7.

That made Tennessee and Pittsburgh's official goodbye week 4, while Baltimore had postponed their reunion to week 7 for a week. The NFL also reiterated its fine-grained structure for missing COVID tests – a $ 50,000 fine for a missed test and a ban on one game for a second.

October 3: Cam Newton tests positive

The positive tests were expanded outside of Tennessee when it was revealed Saturday morning that Patriots quarterback Cam Newton had tested positive for COVID-19. The Titans also had another positive test – Jeffery Simmons, first round player of 2019 – and the Chiefs also had one on training team QB Jordan Ta'amu (whose role Newton was on the K.C. Scout team in Week 4).

Adam Schefter's first report showed that the NFL is planning to postpone the Patriots' game in Kansas City until Tuesday.

October 4: Saints receive false positives; Patriots Chiefs postponed

Overnight on Sunday week 4, news came that Saints full-back Michael Burton had received a positive COVID-19 test that would likely have postponed the New Orleans game against the Lions. But several reports came out on Sunday morning indicating that Burton had a false positive and that the rest of the Saints had tested negative, so they played Detroit at 1pm as scheduled. Sunday.

Just before the Games began, the NFL announced how it would postpone the Patriots Chiefs schedule. These teams would play at 7:05 p.m. on Monday. ET on CBS, while Monday Night Football would move back 35 minutes to start at 8:50 p.m. ET between the hawks and packers on ESPN.

October 5: NFL memo threatens lost draft picks, game losses

The Titans didn't test positive for players on Monday, October 5th, and the Patriots Chiefs game went as planned on Monday night.

The league released a memo re-emphasizing safety protocols and introducing additional restrictions on players' participation in test drives. The memo also contained possible penalties for continued breaking COVID-19 protocols, which could include losing draft picks or even losing a game.

October 6th: Patriots and Raiders positive tests

The Patriots have put defense attorney Bill Murray on the COVID-19 / reserve list of the training team, and the Raiders have also put their defender Maurice Hurst on the list. The Titans had a second straight day with no positive tests, but the focus shifted to New England after the Pats played a game two days after Newton's positive test and now got another positive result.

On October 6, the Green Bay Packers announced a permanent ban on fans from playing games at Lambeau Field as Green Bay struggled with the worst per capita COVID-19 numbers in the league.

October 7th: Stephon Gilmore, two Titans tested positive; Reports on the Titans' training surface

New England star cornerback Gilmore came back with a positive test and caused concern after photos of him hugging Patrick Mahomes emerged after Monday's game. The Titans wanted to open their facility but didn't want to after two other players, including WR Corey Davis, came back with positive tests.

On October 7th, reports surfaced that the Titans held training at a local high school while they were supposed to be away from the facility and not meeting for outside workouts.

October 8: Two games of week 5 have been postponed

The NFL announced that it will postpone two week 5 games that were previously scheduled for Sunday. The Patriots and Broncos would now play Monday, and the Bills and Titans would play Tuesday. The postponed Bills Titans game would move the week 6 game on Thursday evening between the Bills and Chiefs to the following Monday.

October 9: Jets sent home after suspected positive

Two days before the Arizona Cardinals were due to play for the New York Jets, all Jets employees were sent home on Friday morning based on a suspected positive test. Your facilities were moved to a virtual environment for the day. When the test was run again it came back as a false positive.

October 10th: The Titans reopened

For two consecutive days of negative tests, the Titans were able to return to their facility for the first time since September 29. The Patriots also returned to their facility after practically working since Wednesday when Gilmore tested positive.

Two positive tests returned to the league on October 10: a Bears exercise player and a Chiefs strength and conditioning coach. Both teams were then subjected to appropriate contact tracing.

October 11th: Another positive game by the Patriots postpones the game with the Broncos

The patriots received another positive test and closed their facilities. The NFL was rescheduling New England's Monday game with the Broncos to Week 6 and would require further game movement, including Denver's game with the Dolphins in Week 6.

The Titans received a positive test from an employee on October 11th. Speculation that the positive outcome had nothing to do with the Titans' outbreak and subsequent compliance with the contact tracing protocol left the Titans-Bills game on Tuesday as scheduled.

October 12: NFL announces game day testing

The NFL announced changes to protocols that would include game day PCR testing. Previously, the people classified as Tier 1 or Tier 2 were tested every day except on game day.

October 13th: Titans have no positive results, the game of bills continues

Reports on Tuesday morning showed the Titans had no new positive tests that would allow them to play their game in Week 5 with the Buffalo Bills on Tuesday night at 7 p.m. ET. It will be the first Tuesday night game in the NFL since 2010, when the Eagles and Vikings played Tuesday because of a snow storm that broke the roof of the Metrodome.