Tony Abbott Warns Britain To not Mess Up Submit Brexit Commerce Offers with Local weather Activism

Tony Abbott Warns Britain Not to Mess Up Post Brexit Trade Deals with Climate Activism

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Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who is currently senior advisor to the board of directors of Boris Johnson's post-Brexit trade panel, seeks to prevent British MPs from ruining the UK's future by making a series of absurd demands on climate goals, labor rights and treatment of animals in post-Brexit trade negotiations.

Don't sabotage free trade talks with a debate on climate change, Tony Abbott told the UK

By Bevan Shields
November 19, 2020 – 1.56 a.m.

London: Tony Abbott has warned the UK against discussing climate change targets during free trade negotiations, suggesting that an agreement with Australia could be signed by Christmas if both sides agree to let the tariffs off instead of removing them immediately.

When asked about including climate change rules and labor rights in trade deals, Abbott said the environment is important and humanity cannot devastate the planet, but "relatively theological issues" should not be included in economic deals.

"I could take a different approach to zero-emission products than some others by 2050, but of course we want to cut emissions as far and as quickly as possible," he said.

"But I just think if you try to do it all in a trading business, you won't end up doing anything. There are other forums for tracking climate change initiatives.

"If the UK wants to insist that everything that is done in the UK must be exactly replicated everywhere, there will be no trading." Are we trying to make trade deals, or are we trying to reach out from one country and dictate to another country exactly how to do things? "

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About animal rights;

Trade advisor Tony Abbott says animal welfare standards shouldn't be included in the Brexit deal

By Ben Glaze
Deputy Political Editor
14:55, November 18, 2020

A British adviser appointed by Boris Johnson claims animal welfare and environmental standards should be part of trade deals with other nations today.

He told the Commons International Trade Committee that when his government was negotiating deals, he warned officials, “If you want a trade deal, focus on trade.

“If you want to enter into an environmental agreement or an animal welfare agreement, do so through COP or some other mechanism.

“Remember that the best is the enemy of good.

“If we stand up for a deal that is absolutely perfect in every way, we may never get it.

"But if we do the best we can at the moment, that's almost always good in itself and the best possible platform for further progress."

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What would the situation be like in the UK if the other parties refused to sign top trade deals laden with laundry lists of politically correct signs of virtue? It is not the other parties that these businesses need to function.

I wonder if Tony Abbott is tempted to leave this charade and leave the spoiled kids to clean up their own mess.

But I doubt Abbott will go. Because it is not the MPs who make absurd demands and live with the consequences, their earmarked pensions and connections will enable them to weather almost every conceivable trade disaster.

The people who have to live with the aftermath of failed trade negotiations are ordinary Britons who have appointed their representatives in parliament to look after their interests.

Perhaps some of you who live in the UK should write to your MPs reminding them who they work for before irreparably damaging the ongoing trade negotiations.

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