Trump is Utilizing Funds For His ‘Election Defend Fund’ To Pay Off Debt

Donald Trump

President Trump is still holding onto the strings of electoral fraud when he refuses to allow the election and as part of the effort is soliciting donations from supporters, but some of those donations will be used to pay off debt.

Trump and his administration continue to accept campaign contributions to an "election defense fund" designed to defend the "integrity" of the elections. However, CBS News reported Monday that it stated in the fine print that at least half of each donation will be used to pay off the campaign's debt.

According to CBS, half of all donations will go specifically to the Trump campaign to pay off the campaign's debt. The other half will go into that Campaigns Count the account.

In addition, 60% of any donation to the Trump Campaign Joint Fundraising Committee with the Republican National Committee is deposited into the Campaign's general electoral account for debt relief. The remaining 40% goes to the operations account of the Republican National Committee and, if there is any money left, to the RNC's proceedings or headquarters accounts.

Since falling behind President-elect Joe Biden in the election, Trump has acted typical, filing a series of frivolous lawsuits, most of which have been dismissed, and fingering his losses.

He also refused to allow the vote because his supporters held rallies outside the polling stations at various locations that weekend and sang both “Stop the Count” and “Count the Votes”.

Trump supporter: "Stop the voting!"

Trump supporters too: "Count that vote!" # Election2020

– The recount (@therecount) November 5, 2020

Trump himself has stayed out of the spotlight, sending his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and sons Don Jr. and Eric Trump to argue his refusal to admit and his false claims that Biden and the Democrats are stealing the elections.

Even those in the campaign are starting to run. According to CNN, Trump employees are officially on until Nov. 15 but have received no indication that their contracts will be renewed, causing many of them to look for new jobs. CNN added assistant Trump's campaign manager Bill Stepien yelled at an employee who had printed his resume in the office.