Twitter Says Trump Might Be Banned After Inauguration Day

President Donald Trump

A Twitter spokesman told Forbes Magazine Thursday that his lies and conspiracy theories could ban him once President Trump becomes an ordinary citizen.

The outgoing president is currently protected by Twitter's World Leaders Policy, which was created on the basis that most people want to see what their leaders are saying. Trump has used politics to his advantage to attack other leaders, the press and, more recently, wildly unfounded and debunked theories about the coronavirus and the presidential election.

I won this election a lot!

– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 7, 2020

However, on January 20, Trump will no longer be protected by the policy and must follow the same guidelines as everyone else on the site. This means that Trump may be suspended from the site and may be permanently banned from the site.

A first-time offender can be banned from the website until they delete the tweet. However, a second perpetrator can be banned from his account for half a day. The site locked Donald Trump Jr. out for 12 hours when he tweeted a false claim about hydroxychloroquine.

Twitter doesn't have a set limit on how many times a person can violate their policies before they're permanently banned.

Trump, who read the tea leaves, threatened to veto a defense spending bill unless Congress repeals Section 230, which allows social media and major technology platforms to moderate content and pre-empt litigation related to language protect.

Twitter has tightened its rules and guidelines in the past few months to stop the spread of false information about the elections and the coronavirus pandemic. That has led many Republicans to join Parler, a self-described, unbiased social media app that has become a home for Republicans, far-right activists, and conspiracy theorists.

But Parler's freedom of speech also has its limits. According to NBC News, the site has banned people signing up for troll republicans.