Uber Eats hit with claims of ‘reverse racism’ – .

Uber Eats hit with claims of ‘reverse racism’ – TechCrunch

Nellie Peshkov, formerly Reddit's vice president for people and culture, is now the chief people officer. Her C-suite nomination is part of a much-needed, growing trend for technology companies to move employees focused on diversity and inclusion to the top management positions.

About Essen hit with claims of "reverse racism"

Uber said it received more than 8,500 requests for arbitration as delivery fees for black-owned restaurants were lowered through Uber Eats.

Uber Eats made that change in June after the racial justice system protested the police murder of George Floyd, an unarmed black man. Uber Eats said it aims to make it easier for customers to support black-owned businesses in the US and Canada. To qualify, the restaurant must be a small or medium-sized business and therefore not part of a franchise business. For other restaurants, however, there are still delivery charges.

In one of those allegations, considered by ., a customer says Uber Eats is violating the Troubled Civil Rights Act by "charging discriminatory delivery fees based on race (of the business owner)." That claim seeks $ 12,000 plus a permanent disposition that would prevent Uber from continuing to offer free deliveries from black-owned restaurants.

The Uber driver claims scoring system is racially biased
Uber is no stranger to lawsuits, so this should come as no surprise. Uber is now facing a lawsuit over its customer reviews and how the company is disabling drivers whose ratings fall below a certain threshold. The lawsuit alleges that the system "constitutes racial discrimination as it is generally accepted that employee reviews are often racially biased".

In a statement to NPR, Uber called the suit "flimsy" and said, "Carpooling has significantly reduced prejudice for both drivers and drivers who now have more equitable and equitable access to work and transportation than ever before."

Yes, Prop 22 will receive another $ 3.75 million cash inflow
DoorDash poured an additional $ 3.75 million into the Yes on 22 campaign, according to a late filing of entries. Proposition 22 is California's electoral measure designed to qualify gig workers as independent contractors.

The most recent inflow of cash brought Yes to total contributions of $ 22 north of $ 200 million. By October 14, the campaign had raised $ 189 million. Thanks to a number of late posts, the grand total for Yes on the 22nd is approximately $ 202,955,106.38, or $ 203 million.

Prop 22 made the most funded California election long ago, but now it has passed the $ 200 million mark.

. Sessions: Justice is Back

I'm excited to announce . Sessions: Justice is officially happening again! Save the date for March 3, 2021.

We will explore inclusive attitudes, access to finance for blacks, latinx, and indigenous peoples, and tools in the workplace to promote inclusion and belonging. We'll also examine the experiences of gig workers and former incarcerated people, who are often excluded from the Silicon Valley prosperity cycle. The program will be rounded off with a discussion on the role of venture capital in creating a more inclusive technical ecosystem. We'll discuss all of that and more in TC Sessions: Justice.