Uganda Allocates a Square Mile for Akon’s Cryptocurrency-Based City


Akon has secured land in Uganda to build a cryptocurrency-based city, his second planned futuristic city in Africa.

According to Revolt, the Ugandan government has allocated a square mile of land to Akon and the city, expected to be completed by 2036, powered by Akon’s cryptocurrency AKoin.

Canarian mugume from NBS Television in Africa posted on his Twitter account that he had spoken to Akon about the latest development.

Akon is slated to build the city of Akon in Uganda by 2036. The government of Uganda has agreed to allot him 1 square mile of land. The city will operate with the AKoin currency, a star-based cryptocurrency. @nbstv

– Canary Mugume (@CanaryMugume) April 5, 2021

VIDEO: Akon answers a question about whether Ugandans can afford services in Akon City.

Akon is slated to build the futuristic city in Uganda by 2036 after the government agreed to give him 1 square mile of land. #NBSUpdates

– NBS Television (@nbstv) April 5, 2021

I asked Akon how much it would cost. He skipped the question three times.

– Canary Mugume (@CanaryMugume) April 5, 2021

Before, BLACK COMPANY reported on entertainment mogul Akon’s plans to create a Wakanda-like city in his home country of Senegal. Last September, he announced that his company had started construction on the $ 6 billion development project.

“We see the city of Akon as the beginning of Africa’s future,” said the rapper at the special ceremony to celebrate the start of construction on the city, according to CNN. “Our idea is to build a futuristic city that contains the latest technologies, cryptocurrencies and also the future of future African society.”

In addition to his work as a singer and songwriter, Akon owns two clothing lines – Konvict and Aliaune. He also founded the Confidence Foundation with the aim of empowering disadvantaged youth in Africa and the United States.