Unlock Your Internal Genius Codes

Unlock Your Inner Genius Codes

1, 2021

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As a business owner, it can be difficult not to fall into the current paradigm of how things have always been done. Everywhere you look there seems to be a strategy out there to help you make your dream come true. All you have to do is do a quick Google search to start, operate, and grow a business to find a deluge of information.

To some, many of these strategies can feel limiting and are often based on outdated approaches developed by men for men. It is no surprise that women are starting to notice the status quo no longer working for them. But here's the thing: it doesn't have to be that way.

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Less is more

If we work hard enough, we will be successful. We are taught a "hectic" mentality.

It's widely accepted that feeling stressed, drained, and exhausted is part of what it means to do business. Around 56 percent of companies make it by year five, and according to Success Resources, even fewer are women.

Why? Because a lot of women experience burnout.

Sigourney Belle, international bestselling author, spiritual teacher, and Wild Business owner has helped thousands of women break the belief that to grow your business and thrive, you must sacrifice and fight.

Sigourney is dedicated to showing women that their intuition, ferocity and connection with the divine is the infinite energy it takes to show themselves in business.

“The truth is, your energy needs to be clear in order to attract customers who operate from a place of abundance. When you are exhausted and exhausted, you will only attract customers, customers or business partners who have the same attitude towards scarcity and exhaustion, ”says Sigourney.

What really helps is doing less.

Take a break and take some time to breathe from your hectic day. The more space you create to rest and play, the more fullness you will attract.

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Believe in magic

As a woman, your ability to thrive comes from harnessing your divine feminine energy. The thing is, you just have to look back in history to see how women's energies have been turned off, defamed, and largely supplanted by the business community.

As women, we are told to fit into a square box and follow the rules laid out in front of us. Unfortunately, many of these ideologies do not leave women room to express themselves freely.

We learn to be calm, to do what everyone else is doing, and to follow suit. If you are unable to be your divine feminine self, you will struggle to survive, let alone thrive or build a successful business in the current paradigm of business.

The thing is, women should never be "hectic" or do anything that doesn't make us feel good. Our divine feminine energy and intuition speak to us when we are immersed in pleasure, and this is what the new paradigm of business prompts us to do.

If you can learn to listen to your intuition and follow what feels good, this is where you will find your full potential. The realms of magic are at your disposal through flow and pleasure.

Awaken your inner genius codes

If you are a business owner and you play the same game as everyone else, play it small.

Everywhere you will see everyone else doing the same. Everyone follows the same formula or strategy. That's why it works, right?

Here's the problem: if you can't access the wisdom that flows through your bones and the innate genius of who you are, growing your business will be difficult.

You are here to accept your innate essence and be you. You are not here to be a watered down version of another person. So choose to waste your time, energy, and effort trying to be someone or something that you are not.

Once you can be all of you and operate entirely from this room, you will step into your greatness. Remember, you are being called to something bigger than the game you are currently playing. Make up your mind to stop playing small.

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