USA vs. Russia: Reside scores, highlights, updates from 2021 World Juniors

USA vs. Russia: Live scores, highlights, updates from 2021 World Juniors

Dear Santa,

2020 has been tough to say the least, but you left the best gift for last. A night owl of Russia against the United States. The best preliminary matchup. On Christmas day. Thanks buddy. You are the best.

Lots of love, hockey fans everywhere.

It's been 16 years since the world's juniors started on Christmas Day – which was also attended by the same two teams – and like any good old meeting between two big rivals (i.e. Miracle on Ice), this competition will be between Russia and the US expects to be a dragging barn burner.

Two of the three best teams of the tournament on the opening day of the IIHF Junior World Championship 2021, in which the winner takes control of group B and thus control of gold. Aside from being a production designer for the next 12 days, this is an important opportunity for a number of players to show off what they are up to for the tournament.

American Cole Caufield has circled that date on his calendar since the day last year's tournament ended in disappointment for the US. The Wisconsin star had high expectations last year and only collected two points (goal, assist) in five games. He's determined to prove that last year was a fluke, and a big game in the team's biggest game for the round robin will show it's a new year.

But it won't be easy for Caufield and his cohorts as they face a dynamic puck stopper at the other end in Yaroslav Askarow. The only 18-year-old Russian netminder has set the competition in the KHL on fire this season and is also on a tour of salvation after a poor result in 2020.

So grab eggnog, fruit tarts, and Chinese food, as Sporting News has the heartbreaking action between these two powerhouses in Game 1 of the tournament.

(All times east.)

USA vs. Russia scores, highlights from the preliminary round game of the World Juniors 2021


9:22 pm – – It will be Askarov versus Knight. Buckle up.

9:10 p.m. – – If you missed this earlier today, make sure to check it out now.

Cole Caufield and Trevor Zegras were the last ones on the ice during training with Team USA because they only leave when they put the last puck in a bucket ????????

– TSN (@TSN_Sports) December 25, 2020

8:50 pm – – How the Russians will go.

Team Russia Lines #WorldJuniors
Askarov (Akhtyamov)

(Mukhamadullin, Chistyakov)

(Chayka, Kuznetsov)

(Kirsanov, Knyazev)

(Bychkov, Bashkirov)

– Gillian Kemmerer (@gilliankemmerer), December 26, 2020

8:23 pm – – These top 6.

7:12 pm – – Getting ready.

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