Victor Oladipo turned down 2-year, $45.2 million extension from Houston Rockets

Victor Oladipo turned down 2-year, $45.2 million extension from Houston Rockets

Victor Oladipo, the Guardian of the Houston Rockets, recently turned down a two-year contract extension for a maximum of $ 45.2 million. That was the maximum the franchise could give him before the regular season ended, sources told ESPN.

As expected, Oladipo is aiming for a longer-term deal, according to the sources, which the Rockets are only allowed to offer in the off-season according to the collective agreement.

Oladipo is in the final year of a four-year $ 85 million deal that will see the Rockets make decisions – including whether to make him available in trade talks – before the March 25 close of trade. The transitional state of the Rockets list makes it likely that they’ll hear overtures if they continue to get to know Oladipo – and he gets to know her – since the mid-January deal that got him from the Indiana Pacers as part of the James Harden blockbuster.

For the Rockets, in the post-Harden and Russell Westbrook era, there are a number of options at Oladipo, including weighing its value in the market for trade deadlines. pledge to aggressively pursue a long-term deal over the summer; Working with Oladipo to bring back value in sign-and-trade talks in the off-season; or let it run to use the space for other players’ caps in the free agency.

It is typical for teams to focus more on tracking trades closer to the deadline, which is almost four weeks away. Houston has no teams working on trade talks with Oladipo, according to sources.

Even so, 28-year-old Oladipo has a chance to become one of the best two-way players available at close of trading or in the free agency. The Miami Heat and New York Knicks are among the teams that have shown interest in Oladipo, and both have the option to sign him direct in the summer.

After the season ends, but before the freelance agency begins, Houston could offer him a $ 113 million extension for up to four years. Once the free agency begins, Houston can offer up to four years for $ 151 million or five years for $ 195 million.

Oladipo has averaged 18.9 points, 4.9 rebounds and 4.8 assists in 13 games with the Rockets this season. During his nine-year career, including stints at Orlando Magic, Oklahoma City Thunder and Pacers, he averaged 17.4 points, 4.6 rebounds and 3.9 assists. Oladipo has also shown the ability to be a top defender.

Front office insider Bobby Marks contributed to this report.