Video Exhibits Phoenix Police Fatally Taking pictures Ex-NFL Participant Ekom Udofia

Ekom Udofia

A former NFL soccer player was shot dead by police in Phoenix late last month. A video of the incident was released, according to the Phoenix Police Department, showing that officials shot the former NFL player at least ten times and aimed numbing bags and pepperballs at him before he died on November 30th.

The Phoenix Police Department has identified the victim as Ekom Udofia, 33, who was a former Stanford University soccer player and was on the list of NFL teams Cincinnati Bengals and New Orleans Saints.

The PHX Police Department has released a CIB (Critical Incident Briefing) video with audio, video and information about the shootings. The incident occurred in the early hours of November 30th at 2300 West Indian School Road.

The report states that aAt around 2:00 a.m., police from Cactus Park Precinct had walked into the area to answer an 911 call that reported that a man was acting strange and appeared to jump on several cars. The caller informed the 911 operator that he saw the man earlier and appeared normal, but when he saw him later, he looked like he was under the influence of drugs.

Two police officers arrived at the scene Within minutes of the 911 call, he noticed that Udofia was walking in the middle of the street. After asking Udofia several times to drop his gun, one of the police officers shot him several times when he fell to the ground.

After the shot, Udofia held onto his gun while one of the officers warned him that if he didn't, he would shoot again. As he held on to the gun, other officers came up to it Scene, uses a stun bag and baton rounds to disarm Udofia.

After ignoring this, Udofia was shot again by the police. He died later in hospital. After Udofia was shot dead, officials discovered that the gun he was carrying was a BB gun.

The Professional Standard Bureau is currently conducting an internal and criminal investigation. Once the criminal investigation is complete, it will be reviewed by the Maricopa County Prosecutor's Office.