Washington State blows away wind fantasies

Washington State blows away wind fantasies

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By Ronald Stein | October 12, 2020 | energy

The Northwest has spoken aloud as the Benton Public Utility District (BPUD) documented its actual battlefield experience with intermittent power from wind farms, which should be a wake-up call for our policy makers. Their message is "no more wind".

Washington State's 16-page report entitled “Wind and Clean Energy Policy Perspectives,” dated July 14, 2020, offers wind lobbyists a devastating counter-attack that they are challenging the effectiveness of wind farms for generating electricity, and led the utility commissioners to say they "do not support the further development of wind energy in the northwest".

Kudos to this Washington state public utility for speaking up after seeing the costs and dangers of California's experience of excessive reliance on intermittent wind and solar power. In a statement and report, the utility said that an overly aggressive clean energy policy creates an unacceptably high risk of blackouts. They go on to say that the development of wind farms could be "politically fashionable" and appeal to many in public, but science and business show that trying to supply modern civilization with intermittent electricity from wind and sun comes at a high financial cost and financial expense will be associated with environmental costs.

The report is consistent with the events in Germany and Australia, as electricity prices in Germany are among the highest in Europe. Today, German households pay almost 50% more for electricity than in 2006. It is alarming that America, from California to New York, continues to take great strides to meet Germany's failed climate goals, which should be a wake-up call for governments everywhere.

The Benton PUD believes:

  • The further development of wind energy will unnecessarily contribute to an increase in electricity tariffs for retail businesses in the North West, which could undermine the economic development advantage that low rates have given the region for many years. A comprehensive study has shown that setting preferences for wind and solar energy without accompanying targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the electricity sector leads to unnecessary increases in electricity costs without reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the most cost-effective way possible
  • The best long-term, sustainable, cheaper, potentially less risky and environmentally conscious strategy to achieve the CETA goal of 100% clean electricity in Washington state by 2045 could be to switch coal power to natural gas and then to natural gas nuclear. Benton's position is 100 percent contrary to California's mission to eliminate most natural gas-fired power plants that produce continuous uninterrupted electricity and all nuclear power plants that produce the only known source of continuous zero-emission electricity.
  • Customers and citizens across the region want the natural beauty and open spaces that are part of their way of life. This is the reason for the report and for their formal declaration that Benton PUD does not support the further development of wind power in the PNW. The PUD's position is in line with a recent decision made in California when the San Bernardino County Regulatory Agency put the brakes on large industrial solar projects, highlighting a challenge to the huge landscaping needs of renewable intermittent electricity
  • The economic and environmental life cycle impacts that are likely to result from the advancement of wind energy need to be studied to a much greater extent, with greater consideration given to issues such as the global impact of raw material extraction and the disposal of wind turbine blades, which are currently destined for landfill Need to become. i.e. Environmental degradation and atrocities caused by mining in the countries that dominate the supply of exotic minerals and metals to support wind, solar and electric vehicle batteries.

The Benton PUD's beliefs are in line with the United States' trade organization, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), which issued a report itemizing some of the unintended negative effects of relocation, including environmental degradation and human rights abuses . The United States is warning of the devastating environmental impact of the electric car boom.

Further support for the Benton PUD's beliefs are numerous documentaries about the atrocities perpetrated by the workers in the cobalt mines; H. The actual digging of the mines by hand along with the terrible living conditions. Amnesty International has also documented that children and adults mine cobalt in narrow man-made tunnels and are exposed to the dangerous gases produced by the procurement of these rare minerals.

The wind and solar lobbyists and government policymakers continue their fast-paced dance to the detriment of those who can afford the least expensive electricity. They know nothing about the more than 6,000 products made from oil derivatives that did not exist before 1900 and that form the basis of today's societies and economies.

The world must pursue a prudent multidecadal adaptation and energy strategy that is technically feasible, economically affordable and socially beneficial (especially in developing countries). Societies around the world need to be aware of the understanding of a world free of fossil fuels, which the recently published book Just GREEN Electricity is an excellent discussion of.

  • Electricity can run hospitals efficiently, but electricity alone cannot make products made from oil derivatives, which include all critical medical devices such as ultrasound systems, mechanical ventilators, exhalation valves, inhalation valves, CT systems, x-rays, medicines, masks, gloves, soap and hand sanitizer for hospitals as well as protective clothing, gloves and face protection for doctors and nurses.
  • Electricity can charge your iPhone and EV battery, but electricity alone cannot make all electronics and communications equipment.
  • Electricity can help militaries work around the world, but electricity alone cannot make military equipment: aircraft carriers, battleships, destroyers, submarines, planes, tanks and armor, trucks, troop carriers, and weapons.

In the opinion of the Benton PUD, it is reasonable to question whether it is still a matter of encouraging investments in intermittent wind power and putting roadblocks to the development of shipping-ready natural gas power plants, more about signaling environmental virtues than about the well-being of the citizens of Washington. Additionally, this renewable energy policy stance tacitly supports environmental degradation and the atrocities of humanity around the world to provide exotic minerals and metals needed for wind, solar and electric vehicle batteries.


Ronald Stein is an engineer who founded PTS Advance in 1995 based on 25 years of project management and business development experience. He is an author, engineer, and energy expert, and writes frequently on energy and business issues.

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