“We are Intruders” – Watts Up With That?

“We are Intruders” – Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

David Attenborough’s latest documentary series appears to be celebrating how Covid destroyed African safari tourism, allowing wildlife to invade abandoned human structures, and how the clear air now enables people to move into the Himalayas, thanks to the brutal closure of factories in once employed poor people in India.

“For example, there was a game hut in South Africa and when the guests came, believe it or not, a leopard suddenly appeared and was strolling through this loving safari hut and the cameraman took the picture – what do you do when one Leopard suddenly emerges from a corridor? And good luck to him, he kept filming ”.

What do you hope viewers will get out of it?

That people with the best will in the world can only limit the natural world. That’s what we do, we brush it aside, even the most considerate of us. This is almost inevitable to some extent. But suddenly let’s realize that we are intruders, that we are latecomers, and that The natural world, by and large, would do a lot better if we weren’t there at all.

Read more: https://www.bbc.com/news/av/science-environment-56752541

How did our society get to the point where such misanthropy is considered acceptable?

The last thing people need of the economic fallout from the harsh Covid lockdowns is ridicule from the likes of Attenborough.

That beautiful view of the Himalayas that was celebrated in the interview with Attenborough? A beautiful view is not worth the price if that price is such that some people who used to work in these factories are struggling to put food on the table to support their families due to the factory shutdown in Covid.

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