Well-known Failed Predictions: UK Offshore Wind Version

Famous Failed Predictions: UK Offshore Wind Edition

Guest “Just a bit outside!” by David Middleton

Bjorn Lomborg posted this on LinkedIn this morning…

The Grauniad article is a hoot!

Wind energy to power UK by 2020, government says

Louise Radnofsky and agencies

Mon 10 Dec 2007 11.20 EST

Thousands of new offshore wind turbines could power every home in Britain by 2020, the government announced today, as it set out new wind-energy plans.

John Hutton, the business secretary, proposed the creation of up to 33 gigawatts of offshore wind energy at a European energy industry conference in Berlin.

He called for companies to invest in large-scale farm development to generate enough power for up to 25m homes in the next 12 years.

That would require around 7,000 turbines, or one every half-mile, Hutton told the BBC’s Politics Show yesterday.


The Grauniad

According to BP’s 2020 Statistical Review of World Energy, in 2019 the UK generated about 20% of its electricity from wind power.

35% from “renewables”

2019 UK (TWh)
Oil                        1 0.3%
Natural Gas                    132 40.9%
Coal                        7 2.1%
Nuclear energy                      56 17.4%
Hydroelectric                        6 1.8%
Renewables                    113 35.0%
Other                        8 2.4%
Total                    324 100%

57% of renewables from wind

2019 UK (TWh)
Wind 64 56.6%
Solar 13 11.2%
Other renewables 37 32.2%
Total 113 100%

35.0% * 56.6% = 19.8%

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Wind energy to power UK by 2020, government says

Bob Uecker says, “Just a bit outside!”

Would it matter if the UK had achieved 100% wind?

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That’s a big fat noooo!

Well, the UK did achieve this

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