What are the dangers of most concern to profitable entrepreneurs in 2020?

What are the risks of most concern to successful entrepreneurs in 2020?

Unemployment and underemployment are top concerns of business leaders in 2020, according to a recent survey.

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16, 2020

3 min read

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This story originally appeared on Foro Económico Mundial

By Charlotte Edmond, Senior Writer, Formatted Content

  • Infectious disease risk increased 28 points to reach the top 10 on the list. Hence, the failure of critical infrastructures is the main concern.
  • Environmental issues are also becoming increasingly important and are increasing significantly in the annual ranking of the "Interactive Map of Regional Risks for Business Activities".

In the uncertain world that COVID-19 emerged, unemployment and underemployment are at the fore of concern for CEOs doing business around the world. Concerns about infectious diseases have also joined the list of things that keep them up at night.

The World Economic Forum's "Interactive Map of Regional Risks to Business", which polled more than 12,000 business leaders from 128 countries, found that unemployment is seen as the most pressing problem businesses could face in 2020. In 2019, however, it had fallen to third place behind financial crises and cyber attacks.

Unemployment is the highest perceived risk for doing business in 2020 / Image: Regional risks for doing business Interactive map

Climate concerns

In the survey, which was conducted between January and July 2020, leaders were asked to select from a list of 30 the five most worrying risks to doing business in their country over the next 10 years.

Most of the main risks identified were related to the economy, but the risks related to climate change are on the Board of Directors' agenda. Although no environmental risk is in the top 10 globally, the perceived risk of natural disasters has increased by seven points and extreme weather events have increased by five points. Biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse have increased in eight places, and lack of adaptation to climate change has increased in two places.

Nine of the ten biggest risks from 2019 will be back at the top in 2020. A critical infrastructure failure falls out of the ranking as infectious diseases gain in importance.

Here you can view the interactive map of regional risks to business.

Time to restart

The research is part of the World Economic Forum's Global Risks Initiative, which analyzes critical global risks and communicates them to stakeholders and the public.

The data will be released ahead of the Work Restart Summit (October 20-23), which aims to create inclusive, fair and sustainable economies, societies and workplaces.

The interactive map was created in collaboration with Marsh & McLennan Companies, Zurich Insurance Group and SK Group.