Which of These is 2020’s Biggest “Crime towards Humanity” – Watts Up With That?

Which of These is 2020’s Greatest “Crime against Humanity” – Watts Up With That?

From Savvy Street.com

By Vinay Kolhatkar

Article 7 of the Rome Statute states:

For the purposes of this statute, “crimes against humanity” means one of the following acts when committed in the context of a widespread or systematic attack against a civilian population with knowledge of the attack (focus on mine).

The acts themselves encompass many crimes, including murder, enslavement, enforced disappearance, etc., as well as "other inhumane acts of a similar nature that intentionally cause great harm or injury to body or mental or physical health".

The U.N. adds:

Unlike genocide, crimes against humanity need not be targeted at a specific group. Instead, the victim of the attack can be any civilian population, regardless of their affiliation or identity.

Systemic crimes of communist regimes such as the Holodomor (the famine caused by the Soviets in Ukraine) and the Great Leap Forward (Chairman Mao's "Reconstruction" which killed 45 million people) have been labeled "crimes against humanity".

The quintessence of humanity

Humans are organisms that are able to direct, control and even produce their emotions. You can also physiologically modify the very source of directness and emotion (i.e. the brain) with purpose and practice (neuroplasticity).

This self-control (autonomy) is a source of joy, creativity and productivity. It does not follow from this that we have to secure every knowledge in all areas, from cooking to medicine to virology. In a world full of specializations, we can choose to follow experts we trust. In a world of free speech, we can make mistakes in finding and prosecuting experts who turn out to be wrong, but reality promptly corrects the wrong science. If science is not hampered by wanton mind criminals, it never goes back.

It is therefore a "crime against humanity" to force people to go against their better judgment and to force them to accept the rule of the "wise". It's worse to fool them into that unbiased Expert advice is freely available to citizens through governments and those who have taken the responsibility to hold governments accountable (the media). Deceived in this way, humanity willingly but unknowingly acts against its own interests.

I tell you, the reader, that there is no greater moral crime than this deception.

The most egregious crimes of 2020 against humanity

Having laid the foundation, we are now in a position to report the worst abuses of this calendar year.

One caveat here. Much of this foundation has been laid on several essays published on Savvy Street by 2020, which like the paragraph above on autonomy are summaries of longer arguments. Hyperlinks are provided for those who want to dig deeper.
1. Green ideology Murdered people, destroyed property and burned cattle

The year 2020 broke out with monstrous bush fires in Australia. It was found that the majority of these had no natural cause such as lightning strikes (for which advanced meteorology closely monitors locations and times) but rather arson.

By the end of the northern summer, the western United States was also ravaged by record-breaking but preventable mega-fires that claimed or destroyed human lives and other species. When children and their grandmothers were burned alive, the mass media spread the false narrative of the root cause "climate change".

2. Was it criminal negligence or design? China and the virus

Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a Chinese virologist, was involved in the investigation into the world's first reported COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan. In April 2020, she fled China and came to the United States, where she sought refuge.

She later claimed on several US channels, including Fox News, that the COVID-19 virus was developed in a laboratory – the genome fingerprint reveals a manufacture – "a cow with a deer head, rabbit ears and monkey hands cannot arise in nature (2.30 minute until 2.40); ”That the story behind the humid market was a wall of smoke. Dr. Lan also claimed that the World Health Organization (WHO) was complicit thanks to China's intrusive dominance of many developing countries through strategic credit (the Belt and Road Initiative) and its subversive machinations.

The claims of Dr. Lan can be wrong. But they are suppressed by the mass media, despite other virologists making similar claims. Google only lifts the layoffs to the top of its search engine. It seems that his algorithms are designed to spread the establishment's narrative.

Even if the virus was developed in the laboratory, its escape into the world could be due to negligence rather than premeditation. But at least in the early stages of the pandemic, China has actively suppressed information that could have saved countless lives – this is undisputed. This suppression of vital information alone marks it as a morally heinous crime.

3. Crimes committed by the WHO, the CDC and the public health authorities against humanity

What if the virus showed up in nature and accidentally escaped from China? The public health authorities are not exonerated from this hypothesis.

In early 2020, there were numerous signs of asymptomatic transport and cure as the immune system had overcome the virus, and there was also evidence that certain treatments, when given in the early stages of the disease, were extremely effective.

But health officials have been actively conducting studies of antibody testing and have refused to look at the really important cardinal numbers. Hospitals have inflated deaths from COVID to access more funds and agencies have turned a blind eye. Fraudulent studies demonizing HCQ have been published in the world's most prestigious medical journals.

4. The Enablers: Surrendering mass media and academics is a crime

The long march of the neo-Marxists through our institutions began almost a century ago. The critical recording was done by academics and then by the media.

Economy was easy prey when Keynes published his fancy departure from logic. The humanities were rebuilt with "complaints studies," a scientific joke. The mass media's shift from objectivity to left advocacy disguised as journalism was based on forgery by peer-reviewed journals that had become subtle advocates of unreason in the humanities.

Restricted by the first change in the US, the mass media used European regulation to strangle multinational tech giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google (owners of YouTube). By inventing pseudo-objective paradigms like "false news" and "hate speech" they managed to flood the social media public space with neo-Marxist biases.

Let us recall the main criteria of the Rome Statute for designating an injustice as a "crime against humanity":

Intentionally causing great suffering, an attack that is widespread or systematic and directed against all civilians at large.

As a reader, which of these four do you believe will be the most egregious criminals against humanity of 2020?

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