White Twitter User Attacks Claire Huxtable, Black Twitter Reacts

Phylicia Rashad

Mother’s Day was almost undisputed until a white Twitter user followed up on one of Black America’s most beloved, and possibly most beloved, TV moms.

Twitter user Lisa Talmadge provoked some angry Twitter users when she replied to posts on Twitter that ranked Claire Huxtable, played by actress Phylicia Rashad, as one of the best TV moms on TV.

“Claire Huxtable pioneered the longest and most prolific drug rape predator in US history, Bill Cosby. Everyone on the set knew he was a sadistic predator. Everyone. 75 women were drugged and raped by Cosby and he got away with it for facilitating, ”read the social media post before being deleted by Talmadge.

(Image: Twitter)

Twitter users immediately attacked Talmadge, defending Rashad, accusing her of failing to realize that Rashad had nothing to do with the actions of her TV man Bill Cosby that led to his imprisonment.

When Lisa Talmadge says this about Claire Huxtable (a fictional character), it says a lot about white Karen moderates like her. pic.twitter.com/gURMy3MdTn

– Chantay Berry 💛 (@iamchanteezy) May 9, 2021

Neither Claire Huxtable nor Phylicia Rashad are responsible for Bill Cosby’s actions. She was his collaborator and employee, not his supervisor or co-conspirator in his crimes. pic.twitter.com/e7jL2XbiAg

– BLAQ MARQUEE (@BlaqMarquee) May 9, 2021

You woke up this morning to attack a black woman (who she first mistook for her character and then disrespectfully misspelled her real name) for the despicable acts of her co-worker. Why not a fire for the show’s white producers, Lisa?

– PopulismNeverEndsWell (@ clt92) May 9, 2021

Lisa Talmadge is BLOCKED because she got the nerve of the dog’s ass for Phylicia Rashad all day on Mother’s Day ️♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ pic.twitter.com/8JMqD5LKSX

– Lashanda Walker (@ majesticbeauty5) May 9, 2021

When a white person shows their racism, it is never up to other white people to come in their defense. Lisa Talmadge gets the deserved consequences of her anti-blackness. She harmed black women with this tweet. If you defend them, you will harm us too.

– 🐝Choose how black women👏🏿 she / she🐝 #KHIVE (@ LeciaMichelle11) May 10, 2021

Lisa Talmadge was BLOCKED, she told me as a black, I can’t talk about growing up in Brooklyn in the 80s, I wasn’t allowed to talk about the Jewish community calling the police for black kids, now she thought she might come Phylicia Rashad , a black woman, on Mother’s Day, FOH

– 👑 Black Professor 👑 (@ WonderKing82) May 9, 2021

They used that day to select ONE BLACK WOMAN for this man’s crimes when it was known that many men, especially white men, knew exactly what was happening and did nothing. But no, let’s go after that black woman. So let’s look at you from the side! 👀

– TA Star73 @ (@ MISST4LYFE) May 9, 2021

Today Talmadge returned to Twitter to apologize for the tweet she posted and then deleted.

I apologize for the pain and injury I caused yesterday. Many friends (former) have been hurt by my tweets. I take time to think about my actions. I apologize.

– Tal Lisa Talmadge 🐝 (@LisaTalmadge) May 10, 2021