Youngsters “actually organizing out of local weather nervousness” – Watts Up With That?

Children “literally organizing out of climate anxiety” – Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

The LA Times reports that children are so concerned about what they have been taught about the alleged climate crisis that some are committing suicide. Others welcome radical climate activism as a coping mechanism for their climate crisis.

For young Californians, climate change is also a mental health crisis


Without reducing these emissions, climate change will worsen natural disasters, food shortages and rising sea levels, experts say. The world is not yet on track to make the changes necessary to improve its worst effects.

Climate depression played a central role in the political awakening of teenage activist Greta Thunberg. According to Varshini Prakash, executive director of the youth-focused climate activism group Sunrise Movement, it is not uncommon for her group to meet children who have been thinking about suicide in the climate crisis.

Lifestyle changes "empower individuals to feel like they can act," said Abby Austin, 23, political executive for the L.A. subsidiary of the Sunrise Movement.

Engaging in activism can serve a similar function. Many young Californians said that volunteering with climate unions like the Sunrise Movement or for politicians who have made climate change a central issue on their platforms gave them meaning.

"A lot of the people who are in Sunrise," Austin said, "are literally organizing out of fear of the climate."

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Feed children a constant diet of environmental fear; Some commit suicide, others turn to radical activism, others choose to become vegan or withdraw from life or swear never to bring children of their own into a world they believe will be ruined.

The solution is obvious. Stop frightening the kids.

Parents in a war zone don't take young children every day to see a bloody parade of all mutilated corpses. They try to protect their children from the horror in order to give their children the most normal childhood possible, even in most of the cases impossible circumstances.

But climate activists don't seem to behave like that. Activists seem to enjoy "preparing children for the future" by giving them as much horror and misery as they can fit into a school day. When the children get home, the indoctrination is far from over. The children can prepare for climate documentaries, often funded by the government, to add to the unhappiness they learned in school.

No wonder the kids are so confused.

Even if you believe that the climate crisis is real and is imminent, even if you believe that we will all die in the next few decades, it is an indescribable act of cruelty to enjoy the lives of children.

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