Zanade Mann Has Constructed a Group for Black Girls Entrepreneurs

Zanade Mann

Our Portraits of Power series features a broad cross-section of women who have excelled in a variety of careers. It is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Black Enterprise and black women. It is a place for today's business women to share their own favorite pictures and stories in their own words. Today's portrait is the founder of the Black Women & # 39; s Business Collective, Zanade Mann.

Zanade man

Founder and CEO of the Black Women Business Collective

My first job was Macys! I liked the customer service aspect of being a seller. I learned to sell by listening to our customers' vulnerabilities.

My big break came when I secured a CNN segment for my very first client using social media and some tweets.

I've had to work the hardest Creation of systems and processes for the companies I manage. Just because you're the leader doesn't mean you get a pass to do things arbitrarily. I've developed from a solo exhibition to a comfortable delegation of tasks and the use of project management systems. And when I work alone on a project, I still follow systems that I set up for my team.

I never thought I would I have the boldness to keep dreaming big when the world seems to be subsiding. I managed to see the reward and opportunity in that moment. I never thought that at the same time I would build a community for black women entrepreneurs where the drive for black ownership was highest. What I imagined has finally come true.

I wish I had studied sooner how to be silent.

The risk I unfortunately don't have to take is Move – for once I let the fear of the unknown influence my decision.

If I could design my fantasy self-care day, it would be spent swim in a hot spring in Japan.

The vision that God gave me keeps me up at night

When I fight I say to myself: take a break, breathe. Is there anyone who can support you in this challenge?

I do not apologize Hazards.

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